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board of directors of the company

Our team has enough skills and ability to provide the best products and you will definitely experience the best with us

Dr. Mehrgan R&D unit
General practitioner
Dr. Ali Brahimi Chairman of the Board
General practitioner
Ali Beigi Managing Director
Laboratory science expert Official technical officer of medical equipment

Company vision

The vision of Ronak Teb Vida Company is to become one of the top five manufacturers of laboratory consumable products in the country and also to penetrate the regional markets in the next five years.
In line with the realization of this vision, Ronak Teb Bidar company is trying to complete the portfolio and diversity of its knowledge-based products by localizing laboratory consumable products by utilizing its expert and committed domestic workforce.

What do they say about us?

I am very happy that after years of hard work, the precious result of your efforts and creative mind, I see my dear friend in Ronak Teb Vida Company. You showed patriotism not in words but in actions. Be the pride of the country

Dr. Mehrgan

Dr. Mehrgan

General practitioner

Production work consists of three components; Group cooperation, knowledge-based and need-oriented, is the most important concern of our group

Dr. Ali Brahimi

Dr. Ali Brahimi

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ronak Teb Vida Company

The only way to deal with problems is to go through them. We are here to provide a peaceful life for the people of my country by going through the economic and political problems

Ali Beigi

Ali Beigi

Managing Director of Ronak Teb Vida Company
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